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Thanksgiving Meal Makeover

Believe it or not, this year's Thanksgiving meal do not have to spoil your healthy eating lifestyle. While you should certainly allow yourself some freedom to break away from your diet during the holidays, the guide below is helpful to ensure you aren't deviating too far from your nutrition goals.

    Calories Fat     Calories Fat
  4 ounces dark-meat Turkey (with skin) 250 13 g   4 ounces of white-meat Turkey (no skin) 153 1 g
  Candied sweet potato (6 oz) 335 9 g   Plain sweet potato 117 0 g
  Bread stuffing (1/2 cup) 200 10 g   Cornbread stuffing (1/2 cup) 175 8 g
  Green bean casserole (6 oz) 165 10 g   Green beans (1/2 cup) 20 0 g
  Pecan pie with whipped cream 520 30 g   Pumpkin pie 230 10 g
  Vanilla ice cream 160 10 g   Vanilla yogurt 100 3 g
  Total 1630 82 g   Total 795 22 g

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