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Breakfast is an easy meal - cereal, eggs, toast, pancakes. The list goes on. Dinner is equally as easy - it's whatever your parents decide to cook for you.

But then there's lunch. Whether you're standing in line at the school cafeteria, at food court in the mall, or just in your kitchen, deciding on what to eat for lunch is a hard decision. Should you eat a sandwich, hamburger, chicken, salad? Of course, what you will decide is up to your personal taste, however we can offer some suggestions for a healthy and filling lunch.

Mix-And-Match a Healthy Sandwich

First a bread..


top with..

and a little.

wheat bread lean turkey breast broccoli sprouts mustard
7-grain bread chicken breast 1 slice cheese low-fat mayo
pita ham spinach leaves low-fat dressing
bagel lean roast beef lettuce  
mini-bagel low-fat tuna salad cucumbers  
whole wheat roll grilled chicken tomatos  
tortilla roasted eggplant red peppers  
white bread   hot peppers  
    shredded carrot  

Foods to avoid:
fatty deli meats  |  mayonnaise |  oil  

Side orders and snacks are very tempting, especially when schools and malls offer a variety of tasty treats. A lot of these side orders are packed with as many calories as your meal, not to mention that many are deep fried and unhealthy. To the right are a list of healthy snacks to pack or buy.

If you're dying for your favorite brownie or those sour cream and onion potato chips, satisfy your craving. However go for a small serving. You can probably satisfy your craving with only a bite of a brownie or a handful of chips.

If you don't feel like you're full after your meal, try drinking some water. You might not even be hungry enough for a side order.

apple sauce
baby carrots
cereal bar
dry cereal
low-fat popcorn
rice cake

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