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When it comes to fitness routines and exercise, many people find themselves failing to achieve their goals. Here's a few tips and tricks that might help you with sticking to your routine and achieving fitness success.

Set Daily Goals

In the morning, write down one thing that you want to accomplish that day. People who set long term goals tend to give up because their goal is not being accomplished in one day.

Work Out with a Friend

If you're not in the mood to exercise, your friend will be the small motivation you need to get you going that day. You wouldn't want to leave your friend stranded at the gym, would you?

Do Something You Enjoy

Exercise is not just running on a treadmill and lifting weights. When planning a fitness routine, try incorporating things you enjoy - whether it be swimming, soccer, tennis, etc. When you are doing something you enjoy, you'll tend not to get bored and give up.

Be Realistic

Don't push yourself too hard or set an impossible goal that you know is impossible for you to achieve. You will be more motivated to continue your exercise routine if you see that your small goals are being accomplished.

Think Positive

Write one positive thing about yourself in a journal each day. It is extremely important to feel good about yourself. If you're having a bad day, you can look in your journal and remember all of the positive things you noticed about yourself.


Even body builders have at least one day of rest in-between their rigorous exercise routines. Your body needs at least a day of rest after an exercise routine so it can rebuild muscles and simply rest up. Listen to your body - If you feel too tired or week to exercise one day, you probably need a day's break.


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