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Warming up may seem like a small an insignificant step before working out, however it is extremely important. Whether you're preparing for a big game or you simply want to go for a jog, your body needs to stretch before you begin.

Warming up prepares the muscles for physical activity.

The typical warm up should include light aerobic activity like: jogging in place, jumping jacks, & slow-speed treadmill walking. You should also stretch each muscle group that you will be working out. Give your body at least 3-5 minutes to warm up. After you're done, your body will be ready for the fun workout ahead.

It improves flexibility - The soft tissues of the muscles increase in elasticity.

It improves strength - The motor units of the muscles are stimulated and prepared for a heavy workload.

It increases blood flow - Exercise-related problems are reduced by the increase in coronary blood flow.

It reduces fatigue - Warm ups prevent early lactic-acid buildup and fatigue that could shorten your workout.

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