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Exercise doesn't always have to be boring. You don't always have to exercise alone, running on a treadmill, and staring at a wall. Boring exercise routines hinder you from reaching your goals. Why continue to exercise if you're not having fun? Below is a useful collection tips and tricks that will help make any workout enjoyable.

#1 - Work Out in Groups

Ask your friends, brothers, and sisters to work out with you. Even ask your parents. Schedule a time during the week when you all are available. Each week, take turns picking out the activity you'd like the group to do.

#2 - Go Outside

Most exercise routines are done indoors with treadmills and weights. However participating in outdoor sports is just as effective as an indoor workout. Try: bike riding, roller blading, tennis, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, and walking. In some cases such as walking outdoors, you are actually burning more calories than you would on a machine. If the weather's nice and you live near the beach, you could even increase the intensity of your jog by running in the sand.

#3 - Go Dating

A night out at a fast food joint or a fancy restaurant can ruin your entire healthy routine for the week. Instead of always going out to eat, try having a nice romantic, home-cooked meal. You'll save money and calories. Also, if you're not up for the typical dinner & a movie, plan a fun activity instead. Some suggestions... a long walk, bike riding.

#4 - Mix Up the Routine

Don't always exercise using the same schedule. You'll get bored very quickly. Do a variety of exercises each week that work out different muscle groups, but don't always repeat the same activities. For example: instead of always running on Mondays to work out your legs, try playing soccer one week, running the next week, and playing basketball the following week. You'll still be working out your leg muscles but you'll be mixing up the routine by doing different activities.

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